The local joke here is that Singapore is a ‘fine’ city. With exorbitant fees for littering to gum chewing the city manages to keep it’s streets pristine and they truly are stunning.

So far in this fine city we’ve navigated the subway in search of some photogenic spots to share with all of you. The subway itself is something to behold, a former New Yorker I was aghast when I saw group of students barefoot studying in a circle. The only shoeless subway sitters I’m familiar with are usually holding a cardboard sign and asking for your change.

I digress.

We made our way to Singapore’s botanical gardens with some macro lenses and no plan or expectation. What we found were lush gardens, orchids, and ginger plants. Nothing like what you would find in the mountains of western Colorado!

Tips for shooting macro: Bring a tripod! Don’t shoot wide open because the fall off is great on a close up shot. If you shoot at 5.6 or above you can maintain more detail in the flowers.

The gardens were a beautiful refuge from the crowds of the city but unfortunately not a refuge from the heat! Looking like we’d just stepped out of the shower we made our way down to Orchard Rd. the famed shopping district of Singapore. So we did what any two people who live in a town without a mall would do- WE SHOPPED.

Once the spending frenzy subsided we once again boarded the MRT and took our jetlagged butts back to the hotel to relax by the pool to get ready for day two in Singapore.

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