Rock Climber Dyno Move on Overhang

Female Smartwool Runner Stretches Before Trail Running

Cross-fit Athlete after Intense Workout

Skier Finds Powder Turns Above Aspen, Colorado

Female Motorsport Athlete Sits on Dirtbike

Young Surfer On The Beach

Ski Racer Turns at a Gate in Giant Slalom

Award Winning Photograph of Ice Climber in a Glacier

Smartwool Athlete Trail Running in Carbondale, CO Near Aspen

Back Country Skier Enjoys First Tracks on his Powder Skis

Powder Skiing Action Photograph

Standing Climber Plans His Next Route

Trail Running Shoes in Tough Mud

Female Distance Runner Portrait

Sea kayaking on the Arctic Circle in the fjords of eastern Greenland, near Tasilaq.

Kids mountain biking for SmartWool on The Crown, Carbondale CO.

Extreme Rock Climber in Beast Mode

Lead Rock Climber, Ben Rueck, Plans his Route Near Moab, UT

Lead Climbers near Moab, Utah and Aspen, Colorado

Ice Climber Steve House in Short Film ‘Shattered’

Lindsay Yaw Trail Running in the Mountains

Woman in Yoga Pose by an Autumn Lake

Portrait of Male Cross-fit Athlete

Sport 19

Extreme Female Cross-fit Athlete

Smartwool Athlete Johnny Spillane Cross-country Skiing Near Aspen, CO