Climber Anna Pfaff ice climbing in Colorado

Alpinist Anna Pfaff Ice Climbing at Rifle Mountain Park

Extreme Sports Portrait of Rock Climber Making a Big Move on Independence Pass Near Aspen. Sunset in the Background Highlights Drama of Climbing.

Rock Climber Dyno Move on Overhang

Climber Anna Pfaff stretches to reach her next step while ice climbing.

Female Ice Climber in Colorado

This female athlete is a local of the Roaring Fork Valley in Colorado. She lives and active lifestyle and runs long-distance on trails through the Rocky Mountains.

Female Smartwool Runner Stretches Before Trail Running

Top Photographer, Tyler Stableford, Shot this Pic of an Athlete after an Intense Workout at a Cross-fit Gym near Aspen, CO.

Cross-fit Athlete after Intense Workout

Adventure Travelers Enjoy Beautiful, Extreme Skiing At Aspen Mountain in this Photograph by Local, Professional Photographer, Tyler Stableford.

Skier Finds Powder Turns Above Aspen, Colorado

This image of a female extreme athlete sitting on her dirt bike is part of a photo series about athletes and outdoor adventurers.

Female Motorsport Athlete Sits on Dirtbike

Young Surfer On The Beach

Extreme Downhill Skiing Photographer, Tyler Stableford, Captures this Intense Moment in Giant Slalom near Aspen, Colorado.

Ski Racer Turns at a Gate in Giant Slalom

A woman ice climbs high above a Colorado landscape.

North Face Climber Anna Pfaff Climbs in Winter

Master of Light Photographer, Tyler Stableford, Shot this Dramatic Photo in Iceland. Adventure Sports and Overseas Travel Combine in this Image.

Award Winning Photograph of Ice Climber in a Glacier

This photo of a Female Long-Distance Runner Shows Rugged Terrain of the Rocky Mountians in the Backdrop. Exercising in the Outdoors is Part of the Colorado Lifestyle.

Smartwool Athlete Trail Running in Carbondale, CO Near Aspen

Photograph by Tyler Stableford Captures Joy of Alpine Skiing Near Aspen, Colorado on a Blue-bird Powder Day.

Back Country Skier Enjoys First Tracks on his Powder Skis

John Nicoletta and Kate Olson skiing powder and jumping cliffs at Snowmass, Aspen/Snowmass, Colorado. Local Adventure Photographer Captures Locals at Play.

Powder Skiing Action Photograph

Rock Climbing is Physically and Mentally Grueling Sport. In this Portrait, Extreme Adventure Photographer, Tyler Stableford Shows a Moment of Peace.

Standing Climber Plans His Next Route

Sometimes, Shooting Adventure Athletes Can be A Little Messy. Tyler Stableford Snapped this Pic after Miles of Trail Running in the Mud.

Trail Running Shoes in Tough Mud

Female Long-Distance Runner is Photographed in the Rocky Mountains by Local Adventure Sports Photographer, Tyler Stableford as She Prepares for Marathon.

Female Distance Runner Portrait

Overseas Adventure Photographer Photographed a Sea Kayaker in Icy Waters near a Tasilaq, Greenland. Blue Water, Fjords, and a Gray Sky Make Dramatic Backdrop.

Sea kayaking on the Arctic Circle in the fjords of eastern Greenland, near Tasilaq.

Active Lifestyles Include Kids in Colorado who can Rip Up the Trails as Much as Many Adult Athletes. Extreme Sports Are A Way Of Life Here.

Kids mountain biking for SmartWool on The Crown, Carbondale CO.

Extreme Rock Climber Climbs A Difficult Pitch In Colorado. Bouldering and Free Solo Images.

Extreme Rock Climber in Beast Mode

Looking Up at Sandstone, a Lead Climber Organizes his Black Diamond Gear. Extreme Sports Photographer, Tyler Stableford Took this Pic Near Moab, UT.

Lead Rock Climber, Ben Rueck, Plans his Route Near Moab, UT

Shooting extreme sports is a challenge in the mountains and the desert. Professional photographers use sunlight and technical lenses to capture the drama in images like this.

Lead Climbers near Moab, Utah and Aspen, Colorado

Adventure Director/Photographer Tyler Stableford Premiered his Award-Winning Film 'Shattered' Using Canon 1DX film with Athlete Steve House.

Ice Climber Steve House in Short Film ‘Shattered’

Action Shot of a Female Athlete Trail Running the Rocky Mountains. Award Winning Adventure Photographer Captures this Moment of Active Lifestyle.

Lindsay Yaw Trail Running in the Mountains

Fitness Lifestyle Director and Photographer Took this Pic of a Man Preparing for Cross-fit Games. The Intensity of this Sport is Visible in the Contrast of this Photograph.

Portrait of Male Cross-fit Athlete

Climbing Castelton Peak In Moab Desert In The Summer Extreme Climbing And Rock Climbing

Sport 19

This Portrait of Female Cross-fit Athlete Captures the Strength and Beauty of this Active Lifestyle. She was Photographed in the Gym and Rope Climbing.

Extreme Female Cross-fit Athlete

Johnny Spillane is a top athlete in winter sports who is sponsored by Smartwool. Tyler Stableford, Outdoor photographer, took this image as part of an ad campaign for Smartwool's creative agency.

Smartwool Athlete Johnny Spillane Cross-country Skiing Near Aspen, CO