In a Beautiful, Peaceful Moment, Captured by Fine Art Photographer from Aspen, a Swimming Woman and Whale Shark Swim Together.

Graceful Swimmer, Ashley Mosher, with Underwater Giant

This Photograph Perfectly Captures the Power, Endurance and Bravery of this Graceful Swimmer as She Seeks to Position Herself Deep Below the Surface.

Olympic Trials Swimmer Ashely Mosher Dives into the Caribbean

In this Portrait, a Woman Swims Gracefully Next to a Gentle Whale Shark in the Caribbean Sea near Mexico Without Scuba Gear or Snorkel.

Female Swimmer Next to Giant Whale Shark

This Photograph is the Real Image of a Swimming Woman Below a Whale Shark as Sunlight Slants through the Water. Shot Using a Canon 5D Mark III and Aquatech Sport Housing.

Whale Shark and Swimmer Illuminated Underwater

This Incredible Fine-Art Image of a Whale Shark Swimming in the Caribbean was Taken Underwater by Professional Photographer Tyler Stableford.

Most Beautiful Photograph of a Whale Shark on the Internet

The Symbiotic Relationship of Pilot Fish and Whale Sharks is Captured in this Fine Art Photograph.

Whale Shark with Pilot Fish in Sparkling Caribbean Water

This Incredible Underwater Photograph was Taken by Tyler Stableford as a Part of his Personal Passion Project. Authentic Image without Photoshop Compositing.

Sunlight Beams over Whale Shark and Swimmer Ashley Mosher

This Photograph of a Whale Shark Swimming in the Caribbean is Powerful and Dynamic with the Direct Sun Shining through the Water.

Underwater Photograph of a Whale Shark’s Tail

In this Photograph, Outdoor Photographer Tyler Composed the Sky, the Surface and the Swimmer in the Deep into a Well-balanced Fine Art Image.

Ashley Mosher Swimming Just Below the Surface of the Caribbean

The Underwater Dance Shown in the Image is Authentic and Beautiful as Swimmer and Shark Curve Gracefully Together Through the Cerulean Water.

Whale Shark Dances with Swimmer