Portrait of worker at reclaimed timber mill.

Patagonia Workwear Mountain Worker

Patagonia Workwear Hammering Photo

Workers at Distinguished Boards and Beams reclaim an old 1088s barn in Carbondale, Colorado

Workwear Photography of Construction Workers

female mill worker at reclaimed timber mill in Colorado which supplies stores such as Patagonia.

Wood Worker for Patagonia Workwear

Detail shot of saw blade at the Distingushed Boards and Beams shop in Carbondale, Colorado. DBB is a large supplier of internal POS materials for Patagonia.

Saw Detail for Patagonia Workwear

A man works on a reclaimed lumber project in Carbondale, Colorado. His shop supplies Patagonia with reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed Timber Worker for Patagonia Workwear

A man replaces a worn chainsaw blade at a reclaimed timber job site in Colorado which provides reclaimed wood to Patagonia.

Chainsaw Detail for Patagonia Workwear

detail image of new patagonia workwear jacket

Patagonia Workwear Jacket Detail

detail of work on reclaimed timber at timber mill in Colorado.

Wood Detail for Patagonia Workwear

Construction Worker, Patagonia Workwear

A man makes measurements on a reclaimed beam in Carbondale, Colorado with Mt. Sopris in the background.

Colorado Timber Worker

Portrait of mill worker at reclaimed wood mill.

Timber Worker Portrait

Reclaimed lumber and wood sits at a mill in Colorado ready for processing. The final product will go into Patagonia retail locations.

Stacked Wood for Patagonia Workwear

A man replaces a chainsaw blade at a timber mill in Colorado.

Chainsaw Worker for Patagonia Workwear

Railroad spike at reclaimed timber mill.

Nail Detail for Patagonia Workwear

Fuel tanks for forklift at a reclaimed timber mill.

Fuel Tanks for Patagonia Workwear

A man and woman take a break from working at a reclaimed timber mill which supplies wood products to Patagonia retail.

Timber Workers Portrait, Patagonia Workwear

reclaimed wood lies in the yard of a shop waiting to be transformed into POS displays for Patagonia

Stacked Wood Detail, Patagonia Workwear

Detail of Patagonia Workwear Jacket.

Patagonia Workwear Jacket

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