Every now and then, a campaign comes along that is the perfect symbiosis between the client’s creative vision, the team’s ability to share that vision and execute it, and the final product. Our brand anthem for Cabela’s is one of those campaigns. Not only was it a blast to work on, but the ad world has just crowned our spot AdWeek’s Ad of the Day.

When Brandon Beck of Cabela’s came to our team with a concept for a brand anthem, we knew we needed to be a part of it. In what has been one of the best collaborations of my career, we created an anthem and a series of commercials celebrating the joy of being an outdoorsman.

The spirit of this piece really called to me, not only because of my own outdoor interests and passions, but also how much I appreciate the ability to share the outdoors with others. This campaign joins a collection of other outdoor focused work I’ve done over the years. Also, as director, I had the honor of working with the talented directors of photography Anson Fogel and Kent Harvey. Both are real masters of their craft. All of these factors combined make it even more gratifying to be chosen by AdWeek.

AdWeek features Cabela's spot in Ad of the Day

The response to the piece has been overwhelming. Cabela’s has garnered such a strong following of people who are really passionate about the brand and about the spirit of the outdoors.

See the brand anthem here.

To AdWeek, I say thanks for the recognition. To Cabela’s and everyone involved, my deepest and heartfelt thanks for co-creating this project.