The first snowflakes have fallen on the slopes of Aspen and Snowmass, and I am excited to see several of my images published in national magazines this month. Snowmass is running an ad campaign in Travel & Leisure that I shot last season — thank you to Traci Schalow of Promotional Concepts for art-directing the shoot. I am beyond excited to see my work in such a great magazine, and I could not have gotten such a great final product without you.

Also, the November issue of National Geographic Adventure Magazine features two of my photos, including a 2-page spread of snowboarder Tyler Wilcox launching into the stunning Cirque at Snowmass. It was a great day spent in Snowmass working with Tyler, and no one is more deserving of a spot in the adventure magazine. A big thanks to you, Tyler, for the endless runs!

And Elevation Outdoors has my cover image of Pat Sewell cliff jumping in Aspen for their October/November issue. What a way to represent the fantastic slopes just an hour away from my hometown! Thank you to Pat for spending the day with me – there is nothing more fun than capturing the constant sends and good energy out in the cold.

I am happy that so many national magazines have found ways to use my work this season and a big thanks goes to all who helped along the way!

One of Canon’s prestigious Explorers of Light, Tyler’s creative passion is using lenses to tell heartfelt stories. Apple, Adidas, The North Face, Patagonia, Wrangler, Timberland, Cabela’s, Stetson, and dozens more have hired him to shoot provocative commercials with wide-angle footage that transports viewers into every scene. Using dynamic lighting and handheld camera work to charge his projects with emotion, Tyler has become one of the most sought-after commercial directors, photographers, and multimedia lecturers in the nation.