Here are a few shots from the Canon workshop in Aspen on June 6-7! (Photos courtesy of Erika Silverstein at Canon.) We had a great class, shooting at the beautiful Maroon Bells, which was a mix of snow squalls and bright sun. Canon provided gear demos galore (even a few telephoto lenses I hadn’t tried before), and most importantly everyone learned a lot in and out of the classroom.

Behind The Scenes At The Canon Aspen Workshop  Canon Workshop In Aspen

Take a look at my other workshops as well. As a Canon Explorer of Light, I teach multiple classes each year. The instruction in these ranges from advertising to landscape to lifestyle photography, and I hope to cater to those of all experience levels! Many workshops take place in Colorado or Utah, the most popular occurring in Aspen and Moab. Be sure to check them out!

I am excited to be leading another Canon workshop on Sept. 26-27 during Aspen’s stunning peak-foliage weekend, and you don’t want to miss it when the aspen leaves blaze yellow and orange. I look forward to providing instruction out in the field and on stage. It is well worth it to attend this event, both for education and for the newest deals on Canon’s best gear. It should be fun for everyone, and this photo workshop is a great opportunity to get out and work with new techniques and knowledge. Enrollment details to come shortly! 

One of Canon’s prestigious Explorers of Light, Tyler’s creative passion is using lenses to tell
heartfelt stories. Apple, Adidas, The North Face, Patagonia, Wrangler, Timberland, Cabela’s,
Stetson, and dozens more have hired him to shoot provocative commercials with wide-angle
footage that transports viewers into every scene. Using dynamic lighting and
handheld camera work to charge his projects with emotion, Tyler has become one of the most
sought-after commercial directors, photographers, and multimedia lecturers in the nation.